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Below you’ll find all our existing and upcoming theory courses, carefully curated to help you to LEARN, GROW & FLY!


Our Air Control Pilates ® online ground school courses give you the opportunity to learn about the theory behind the artistry and the aerial hammock. This is also where you'll find our online matwork classes which give you an ideal grounding before you take flight.

Our face to face teacher training enables you to experience the artistry of the aerial hammock, whilst combined with our high safety standards and knowledge, ensures a safe flight and happy landings!


Whether Pilates is already your passion or you are just starting out, join us on a shared journey to discover new perspectives, open yourself to change, and balance your wellbeing. You can choose to engage in a physical session, theoretical class, or both; Air Control Pilates® online was created to help all of us grow in our own unique way.


There is no limit to how high and far you can soar. New classes and more advanced courses will be launching as we travel down this path of personal discovery together, and you can be the first to experience them. Sign up to our Ground school newsletter and we’ll let you know as soon as anything new becomes available.

Welcome to Air
Welcome to Air
Pilates Matwork with Debbie Robbins
Circus History and it's
intertwining with Pilates

Aerial Arts and the evolution into Aerial Pilates

Are you Ready to Fly?
Overcoming Mental Obstacles
Pilates Matwork for Aerialists
Safe Practise of Aerial Pilates and terminology
Aerial Performance and training your visual eye
Anatomy for Aerial Pilates


To enjoy Air Control Pilates® Online Ground School simply choose the course or class that feels right for where you are on your personal Pilates and Aerial journey.